24/7 Youth Film Festival

Make a 7 Minute Film in 24 Hours

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check out these other online resources available to teams to help plan and prepare for your big competition weekend!


Vimeo’s Video School 101

Make sure to check out the “Shooting Basics” video to get great advice on making your shoot day as seamless as possible! Don’t forget to use the StoryBoard template below to plan your scenes!

No Film School

A great resource from so many players in the Film Industry, offering a wide range of tips to budding filmmakers. Our favourites are “5 Not-So-Obvious items you’ll need on a Film Shoot” and “Transform your locations by using these digital and non-digital tricks”

Ugly McGregor

A Film School within a Youtube Channel. A huge number of videos discussing everything from camera lenses, editing instruction to commentary about the film industry. We’re loving the“Shooting in Golden Hour” video- can’t wait to see what you do with Golden Hour in your 24/7FF film!

StoryBoard template 

Use this template to plan out each shot you’re going to need, which angles you want to get, and when you’ll need to yell out “QUIET ON SET” before “ACTION”. Very helpful! 

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